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Iontophoresis and silver, Dr Robert O Becker and silver ions
Dr. Robert O. Becker

Silver products and services

Hydrogen Peroxide ( h2o2 ) and Silver -  adding CS to silver
Hydrogen Peroxide

Silver: Isolated Ionic Solutions and
Charged Particle Colloids

Knowledge is power: But only as powerful as the mind which grasps it, the heart which believes in it, and the hands which wield it.

Welcome to the most comprehensive and objective source of information on isolated silver colloids and ionic silver solutions in the world! is an informational website project organized to provide the public with accurate and comprehensive information and research about "electrically isolated" ionic silver and colloids ( positively charged silver ions and clusters of negatively charged, minute silver particles ). Our expansion sections include information on silver, ozone therapy, and other alternative medicine modalities.

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Featured: Activated Oxygen and Ozone

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Colloidal Silver Generators

- Section Includes -

Beginner's Guide
Medical Products
Buying Guide
Studies and Research


Silver Information - The Metal, Chemistry

- Section Includes -

History of Use
Investment / Commodity
Chemistry - Atoms, Ions and Particles
Professional Medical Applications


Silver and Culture Section

- Section Includes -

Poetry & Jewelry


Silver in the News

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Silver News Stories
Investment News
Medical Research News
Product Development
Human Interest



Ozone Information

- Section Includes -

Activated Oxygen
Ozone Generator Technologies
Steam Sauna Therapy
Ozonating Water, Oils, Food
Effects of Ozone & Oxygen Therapies

MMS ( "Miracle Mineral Supplement" ) - NaCLO2 Sodium Chlorite - Explore the use of activated MMS for severe infections, heavy metal chelation and immune system support.

Gold Colloids & Colloidal Gold Generators

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